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Avea specializes in making and placing industrial pipelines and the associated steel structures and skids. We have extensive experience and numerous solid references in the treatment of following materials:

Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Plastics (PE and HDPE)
We can also make the toughest prefabricated construction in our own workshop so that the downtime on site can be reduced to a minimum.


Accepted orders can be closely monitored and coordinated by our experienced project team. This project team consists of project managers, project engineers, field supervisors and inspectors, technical and administrative supporting staff. As technical service provider, the services of Avea can be best listed up as following:
Currently, Mahir Doğan is at the head of the company.


Piping works – industrial pipelines
Mechanical works
Plate processing
New building projects
Shut downs
Skid construction
Pump overhaul
Maintenance/renovation water treatments
Maintenance sewage pumps/mixer
Stainless steel welding and assembly work for water treatments and pump grounds
Supply and installation of IBA’s and KWZI’s
The people who run these activities are maintenance technicians, welders and pipe fitters with a feel for the installation they are working on with a great sense of responsibility.

For all the mentioned work we are active in following sectors:

Chemical and petrochemical industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Breweries and food industry
Electric and gas installations